Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Higher Welfare Eggs

Shalom Cascadia has made a commitment to using only "higher welfare" eggs.
We use so many eggs in our weekly challah baking as well as various other noshing opportunities that we're thrilled that Hazon has issued this challenge to Jewish organizations. It could really make a difference in the lives of chickens and the health of humans and the earth. Hazon poses the question, is this a Jewish issue?
We are mandated by Jewish tradition to have compassion for all creatures, especially those who rely exclusively on humans for proper mental and physical care. Committing to the sourcing of better welfare eggs is a small, yet significant step towards fulfilling this mandate and treading more humanely on our earth. For guidance, we look to the mitzvah of tza’ar ba’alei chayim, a rabbinic mandate and moral imperative that forbids causing animals unnecessary suffering. Perpetuating the mistreatment of farmed animals like these laying hens surely violates the value of compassion expressed in myriad stories and teachings throughout Jewish text and tradition.
The time is ripe for consumers to encourage egg producers to adopt more humane practices. Shalom Cascadia will do our part by supporting production systems in which hens can walk, spread their wings, lay eggs in nesting spaces, dust bathe, and perform other natural behaviors, and are fed a healthy diet.